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Happy National Inventors’ Day!

💡 Happy National Inventors’ Day!! 💡

Celebrate today with this great children’s book title……

The Story of Inventions (IR) ~

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Toasters, toilets and televisions, computers, cars and chocolate bars, flying machines and even your jeans. All these everyday things and many more are only here because someone bothered to invent them. This book reveals the real-life stories and bright sparks behind dozens of brilliant inventions.

Series: The Story of…
A narrative introduction to the brilliant brains and eureka moments behind the greatest discoveries in history.

Ages: 8 years and up
Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/8
Pages: 96
Series: The Story of…
Author: Claybourne, Anna & Larkum, Adam
Price: $10.99 (Flexi-binding) or $18.99 (Library)

Happy Inventing!

Usborne Five-Minute Bedtime Stories - Usborne Books & More

Usborne Five-Minute Bedtime Stories

Usborne Five-Minute Bedtime Stories

Get Your Copy Here: http://www.FarmyardBook.com/p/5597/five-minute-bedtime-stories

A heart-warming collection of eleven gentle animal stories, perfect for sharing together at bedtime. Cozy stories include ‘Little Lion’s Roar’, ‘Badger’s Happy Feeling’ and ‘Dog and the Balloon’. With enchanting illustrations and just the right length for the end of a busy day.

Also available in Spanish
Tambien disponible en español

Series: Read-Aloud Story Books
These delightful books make great stories and gifts for young and old readers alike!

Ages: 3+
Size: 6 7/8 x 8 3/8
Pages: 104
Series: Read-Aloud Story Books
Author: Sam Taplin
Price: $14.99 (Hardback)

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Usborne The Story of Baby Jesus - Usborne Books & More

Usborne The Story of Baby Jesus

Story of Baby Jesus (Picture Book)

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This is a delightful retelling of the story of the birth of Jesus. Follow Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem and celebrate the magic of the very first Christmas.

Series: Picture Books
These beautifully illustrated picture books give you a new look at classic stories, new and old. Stories are told from a childlike perspective.

Ages: 3 years and up
Size: 10 1/8 x 10 1/8
Pages: 24
Series: Picture Books
Author: Mary Kelly
Price: $9.99 (Hardback)

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Happy Buy a Musical Instrument Day!

Happy Buy A Musical Instrument Day!! 🎹🥁🎷🎺🎸🎻

For more musical fun, check out these great children’s books all about music at www.FarmyardBook.com.

Happy Reading!! 🎼