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Which titles should be read in sequential order?

Billie BrownBillie B.

**Some of the Kane Miller fiction books are sequential – it’s important to read these in order as listed on our series fiction list.
•Billie B. Mysteries
•Conspiracy 365
•Conspiracy 365 Black Ops
•The Debt
•I Am Jack

•The Impossible Quest

•Kuromori Chronicles

•The Last Thirteen
•The Phoenix Files


**These series are good to read in order, but it’s not essential.
•Anna Hibiscus
•Chloe & Levesque Mysteries
•EJ12 Girl Hero
•The Mythical 9th Division

**And these are even less important to read in order
•All-Star Cheerleaders
•Billie B. Brown
•Extreme Adventures
•Hey Jack!
•Jack Russell, Dog Detective
•Pet Vet

**The books of the Choose Your Own Ever After series are standalones with unrelated stories and characters. The pick-a-path format is what makes the books a series.

Hope this helps! Should you have any questions or need book recommendations, just let me know. Want a personalized wish list? If so, let me know your child/children’s age(s) and their interests, and I can create you a personalized list!