There's a Mouse about the House

There’s a Mouse About the House

There’s a Mouse About the House

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This interactive book is so much fun: first, take the little cardboard mouse out of the pocket on the front cover. Then, as you read the story about the mouse’s adventure, follow the dotted line and move the mouse through the slot on each page. And – this book is not just fun, it’s educational, too:•Holding the mouse is like holding a pencil. It teaches fine motor skills to little fingers.

•Following the dotted line encourages early writing skills.

•The mouse always moves from left to right, which is important
to early reading skills.

•The child learns to turn one page at a time. If they turn a few pages at once, the mouse won’t be there.

Children love to read the story and move the mouse again and again.

Series: Slot Books
A cardboard character takes you on an exciting adventure as it passes through a slot on each page.

Series: Slot Books
Price: $11.99

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