Happy National Pepperoni Pizza Day!!

🍕🍕 Happy National Pepperoni Pizza Day!! 🍕🍕

Check out this fun children’s book title where they can create their own pizzeria! ~

Create your own Pizzeria ~

An inventive and interactive series that pushes the question “what do you want to be when you grow up” one step further, it’s an introduction to business, design, and economics for tomorrow’s business leaders! Choose a name for your business, design your logo, decorate the premises, decide on the price of your products and what your employees will wear, and when you have finished, complete the menu at the back of each book, show it to your friends, and play together! Both titles in the series include lots of fun elements to draw, cut, and glue! You’re never too young to become an entrepreneur, learn about business, and make your dreams come true!

Series: Little Entrepreneurs
Create your very own business with these inventive and interactive books for young budding entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s business leaders!

Ages: 8-11 years
Size: 12 x 9
Pages: 64
Series: Little Entrepreneurs
Author: Gina Samba
Price: $9.99 (Paperback)

⭐️ Get Your Copy Here: http://www.FarmyardBook.com/p/5985/create-your-own-pizzeria

Happy Reading!! 😍📚

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